Holy Crap, Hermione and Ron Shouldn’t Have Been Together


What a revelation. J.K. Rowling said she regretted Ron and Hermione ending up together. And I ain’t even mad. Why?

I totally get it. There were times, when reading the books and watching the movies, that I thought Hermione and Harry just moved better together. I don’t necessarily mean physically, although that’s part of it.

It’s what I call “The Dance.” When I was living with my ex-boyfriend and the relationship was good, our movements were fluid. One example: I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom before work and he came in to get something.

As he was walking by me, he saw that my back pocket was askew and he fixed it. Didn’t say a word. He just did it. That’s “The Dance.”

And that’s how Harry and Hermione moved — fluidly, easily. With her and Ron, the movements were disjointed and difficult to predict.

That’s probably why she picked him. Some women like the unpredictability of a situation or a person — she never knew if he was going to be sweet one second or hostile the next.

That kind of relationship is like a roller coaster — one minute you’re down because of a sharply spoken word or way they disappointed you and then if they’re sweet to you, in comparison, it feels really great.

Harry pretty much always treated Hermione with the same level of respect. It wasn’t an anomaly, so it didn’t make her feel that huge up-spike of happiness when it happened.

See what I mean?

So I get it. Harry’s the steady ship and Ron is the storm-tossed vessel. In this Hypable article, Emma Watson was quoted as saying that some Harry Potter fans feel the same way as the famous author does and aren’t sure if Ron could have made Hermione happy.

I gotta wonder if he could have. I think the relationship would be fraught with awkwardness and not seeing eye to eye, very much like when you’re with a dance partner who just doesn’t fit.

What do you think? I know these are fictional characters but we see the connections between literary characters and us all the time so let’s chat! Do you think Harry and Hermione would have been a better match or do you like the Ron-Hermione duo?

Or should Harry have ended up with Luna Lovegood?! 

harry potter ron hermione relationship 8175634862_3a16a05d4f_o-2

(Graphic by I’m Harry Freakin’ Potter, flickr creative commons)


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