Why I Love Used Bookstores


Some people do yoga to relax. I go to used bookstores. I love the smell of old books and running my fingers over their spines.

The Book Barn in Niantic, Conn. is one of my favorite places. If you’ve never been there, make plans to go as soon as possible! And if you go this before or on February 2, you can take advantage of the annual sale and get 30 percent off books!

I could write more about this, but I’d rather show you pictures! Here’s the reasons why I love the Book Barn.

I love the Book Barn because of nooks like this one: 


Because each location offers complimentary cups of coffee in mugs. Coffee always tastes better in mugs! 


Because cats. ‘Nuff said.


Because of books like this one: “Chose the wrong guy, gave him the wrong finger.” 


Because I’ve been fortunate to find a different Jeanette Winterson book each time I go. If you don’t know her, click on her name. (But not until after you see the last pic of all my literary spoils!) Her writing is so good that it’s life-changing.


Lastly, I love the Book Barn because where else can I find titles that range from a Japanese love story to a historical account of farting to the beauty of nature to cooking with beer? 


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(Photos by Jaimie Cura)


3 thoughts on “Why I Love Used Bookstores

  1. They really are special places…and the best thing is the finds you can make. I have so many crazy books I found at random used bookstores, like a complete first edition of Churchill’s history of World War II – which I scored for $30 for all six volumes! Stuff like that. Just awesome.

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